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Spoil Yourself With The Luxury Of Having Someone Do The Cleaning For You. Go Ahead, We'll Let You Brag About It.

Imagine coming home after a rough day at work, and your home is a mess. You keep putting cleaning aside because you're so tired and the last thing you want to do is clean. Now, imagine coming home after a rough day at work, and walking into an immaculate, freshly cleaned home, and all you have to do is shower and relax while you rest. Much better thought right?

That's right, our valuable customers told us this scenario over and over again. In some cases, it was more stressful because they had children and pets, and everything needed their attention. Cleaning was always in the back of their minds and they'd do it accordingly to their time. Rarely did they ever have the entire home cleaned at once.

Proudly, we can say we solved that problem. We satisfy hundreds of Bostonians everyday, giving them something to look forward to when they come home.


I, Marli Paes, the owner of Marli's Cleaning, take time and effort to create video demonstrations and explaining through video, how I clean, what to use and what not to use while cleaning. I have been cleaning since 2002, so with over 10 years experience, I have seen it all, and know how to handle it all.

Here are some of my videos below:



I want you to experience for the first time the true meaning of having your home thoroughly cleaned.


What Can I Offer You Through My Cleaning Services?

Perfection in cleaning

I want to keep everything neatly organized. The way you like. But most importantly is the quality of the cleaning. Here's a funny fact about the way my mindset is oriented when I am cleaning. I imagine that my customers will inspect each and every corner of everything that I clean. And I believe I have to score at least a grade A+ in order to pass the exam. The result is a house that is always clean.


Our mission is to provide high quality services to anyone who needs a fresh clean home at a reasonable price. Our focus is on the customer needs, customizing plans and services to best fit those needs. Our values are to provide quality services and guarantee your satisfaction. We are committed to delivering quality, care and consideration with every service.

What are the highest quality points that I can emphasize?


Cleaning done to perfection. We are very patient to do it right and thoroughly.

We are very careful with your home. We use the proper cleaning products to clean your household items.


We can assure you that there will be no misunderstandings regarding the cleaning of your house.


Please invite us for a free estimate and we will give the best price you can get. We believe Quality should not be a trade off for price. You should get both: a high quality cleaning at an affordable quote.


Besides cleaning, we are very good at organizing things. We can help you in keeping things neatly organized and very well cleaned.


We are always punctual. If you say 8:00 AM, that's when we will be there. If you hand us the key and expect your place to be cleaned on a certain date, that's when it's going to be cleaned.


Please call today: 781-443-5682

We promise to promptly answer your call. We are ready to answer your questions regarding the cleaning of your home and more.

Solid References

Quality references: All of our current clients are extremely satisfied with our house cleaning services. We can provide fantastic references. It will be a pleasure for our clients to talk about the quality and professionalism of our cleaning services.

We Are Proud To Say That We Are #1 On Google for House Cleaning Services Boston

What does that mean for us? That we have a high reputation, even on Search Engines.

The more we clean the more perfect we get. Being on the first page of search engines gets us lots of new clients monthly. That means we clean more. Remember the old saying: "practice makes perfect". When you are talking about something as important as your home, experience is everything. Someone that doesn't clean as frequent as we do cannot clean with the level of perfection that we do. We've fine tuned every single detail of the cleaning process. All the way from the moment we enter your house to the second we leave. Every detail is taken care of. 100% quality. Always.


You will **NOT** be locked into any cleaning contract. You are free to come and go as our clients. We believe in our services. When you decide to stay with us is because you like our cleaning services, not because you signed something on a piece of paper.


Marli's Cleaning is insured. This is crucial. It's essential that a house cleaner carry insurance. Since 2002 cleaning in the Boston Area, we've seen and heard it all. Want peace of mind? Make sure your next house cleaner is insured.

Great House Cleaning Prices

We don't charge the high prices of the big cleaning chains. Our cleaning services are very affordable. 50 to 60 bucks for an entire house with 1 bathroom + 1 bedroom. More about about house cleaning prices.

Customized Service

Each home is treated with special care. We take detailed notes about each home and we always double-check our notes before leaving your home. We can proudly say that the quality of our services got to a point of near perfection. We will keep improving. Our  #1 goal is customer loyalty. We will do anything to achieve it.

One Call Cleans It All: (781) 443-5682 (Marli Paes)


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